“Alex is the best ever, I always make a point to refer to any prospective homebuyer! He is just an absolute pleasure to be around. Made the loan process hassle-free with his straight-up approach. Very funny and charming too, which eased the pressure of being a first-time homebuyer. Thanks so much!”

-Rita, 29


“He really saved me money on my mortgage, it makes me enjoy the house even more. I was tired of dealing with the stingy banks so being granted access to every lender in Canada through Alex was like a dream I had no idea existed. He was a gentleman throughout the whole process, showing capability, experience, and creativity.”

-Jim, 54


“Alex is a good man. He was honest throughout the whole process, while also being warm and engaging. I would recommend anyone to come to Alex 10/10 times. More than just securing a fair loan, I have now built a relationship with someone I can trust for the rest of my life. The value of feeling so at ease throughout the biggest purchase that I will make throughout my life has been priceless.”

-Franco, 33